CPR Training

What are the different levels of CPR training?

CPR training is a mandatory requirement for security guard license training. There are various security guard training providers in Mississauga, who also provides CPR training. It is essential that students are familiar with the levels of CPR before they register. There are four levels of CPR, which include Levels A, B, and C. Because the training is not the same as that for medical professionals, these levels are tailored to specific audiences.

A CPR training will teach the correct procedures and important points to remember. CPR training can be required to meet school or workplace requirements. Wisdom Security Training is committed to providing our clients with the right information to meet their needs.

Below is information about CPR levels A, B, C, and BLS

CPR Level A - First Aid

This level is the most basic in CPR. It will be your first training. CPR level A training will allow you to treat adults only. It only covers CPR and using an AED on adults. Although this training may seem limited or incomplete, it will still be sufficient to treat most conditions that require CPR/first aid at home or work. This is where most medical emergencies occur.

Many employers send employees to level A training because they recognize the importance of being able to respond to workplace medical emergencies. Employees must know their responsibilities at the workplace.

Many companies will allow you to take CPR Level A training, and they will pay the bill. CPR Level A training is extremely valuable and vital in treating emergency situations. It will only take 6 hours to complete. However, security guard license training in Mississauga requires level B CPR training.

CPR Level B

After completing this level, you will become specialized and certified to treat infant and child emergencies. These situations require a different approach to CPR/AED placement because of differences in their physiology.


CPR Level B includes instructions for using an automated defibrillator with children. This course does not cover adult treatment methods and is therefore not intended to be a replacement for the CPR Level A course. It is therefore taught to a smaller number of people.


We believe every parent should know the basics of CPR and First Aid at our Mississauga training facility. For new parents, CPR Level B is a great option!


CPR Level C - An All-Inclusive Approach

This level of CPR training blends skills from both Level A and Level C courses. It allows you to handle both child/infant emergency situations. It is enough to mention that the CPR Level C course will increase your skill level. This training level is for firefighters, police officers, and lifeguards.


It is clear that CPR and first aid are essential skills for all the professionals mentioned above.

Wisdom Security Training offers training that will make you as skilled as the pros.

The course can be completed in a single day and takes 7-8 hours.



The Level BLS course is for professionals and healthcare professionals who require more advanced life support skills. This course equips Health Care Providers handle medical emergencies such as doctors, nurses, paramedics, and other healthcare professionals.


A person should find a trusted provider for CPR classes when searching for one. First Aid CPR is offered by the Wisdom Security Training. Since its inception, the company has provided CPR classes at many locations. BLS and First aid classes are also offered. Contact us for security guard training in Mississauga.

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