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How to become a Certified Security Guard in Mississauga?

All security guard training in Mississauga Ontario must be licensed by the Ontario Ministry of The Solicitor General in order to do the security guard jobs. Security guards in Mississauga play an important role in protecting residents, and businesses and following laws. In this course, we will cover all the topics that are required for a successful security guard career. With the increasing population and urban growth, the demand for security guards is increasing every day. There are many security guard jobs in Mississauga, including well-known summer destinations like Museum and Garden Square, where live events are held, as well as numerous businesses and condominiums. All you need to do is get the right training and certification.

How to get an Ontario security license in Mississauga?

There are two steps to getting the security license. First, do the security training. Second, clear the exam. The Security Guard exam is administered by the Ontario Ministry of The Solicitor General
To do the training, you can contact Wisdom Security Training. We are the best security training academy in Mississauga. In the Security Guard Training Course, we will provide you with all the information you need to pass this exam. A one-day Emergency first aid training is also required to get the security guard license in Mississauga.

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Why join our security guard academy in Mississauga?

The rules governing what a security guard can do on duty are strictly enforced. Therefore, it is extremely important to get security guard training from experts like Wisdom Security Training. We adhere to all ministry guidelines and provide you with information regarding all the rules and regulations of security.  There are some guidelines listed by the Ministry of The Solicitor General that must be adhered by all security guards. Our course is created by our expert team of experienced trainers. The course is designed to provide you with all the necessary information and skills to pass the exam and get the required qualifications to get the license.  We have also included all the Ministry-approved curriculum along with exercises and quizzes you can use at home. The course timing is very flexible and designed to suit your busy schedule. You can learn at your pace from wherever is convenient for you. Our 40-hour course will be available to you 24/7.  Once the security training course and Emergency level First Aid Training are completed, you will get the Training Completion Number (TCN) from us. Using this TCN, you can book the exam online. After passing the exam, you will get your security license to work as a certified security guard in Mississauga.  Look no further if you are interested in becoming a security professional or getting your security guard license in Mississauga. For this reason, we are Mississauga’s top online security guard training academy. Start your journey to security professional in Ontario. Register today for your security guard training course.


Emergency First Aid/CPR

Guard communicating over walkie talkie

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Wisdom security will cover all basic concepts of:


Security Guard Legislations


First Aid And CPR


Civil Laws


Situational Awareness


Conflict Resolution


Threat Factors




Less Violent Options


Crowd Control

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