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Responsibilities Of The Security Officer On The Work Place

A security officer is required to manage different activities efficiently on the daily basis and ensure the overall safety of the workplace. We all know crime rates have significantly increased post this pandemic period due to heavy unemployment and other related issues. This is gradually making the situation worse, eventually giving rise to tight security needs. Security guards not only protect people or a place, but they do a lot more than that. You will get to know if you’ll continue reading this blog.

Security officers are to maintain order, protect the public, and enforce rules and laws. Several roles and responsibilities are carried out by them depending on the type & size of the business. Some of the key roles security officers perform remain: ensuring workplace safety, following special orders, theft prevention, providing assistance during emergencies or medical situations, and much more. All security officers possess a unique security guard license in Brampton, which makes them eligible to apply for a security officer job at large companies or corporate offices. 

Handling the disputes at the workplace

Management assigns security guards to handle any ongoing disputes on the premises and direct report to them about the situation. Having a security officer to perform such roles and duties ensure work productivity in its place and sounds professional as management itself doesn’t have to involve to resolve the issue at first.

Vandalism & Theft Prevention

Security officers’ visible presence means a lot in preventing crime possibilities to a great extent. Criminals hesitate to perform any crime or theft in presence of a security officer. Observing and reporting suspicious activities also falls under security guards’ prime job responsibilities. 

Maintaining orders

This includes taking a stroll around the premises twice or thrice per shift. At the end of the shift, it is a must to ensure all the doors are locked and secured. The duties performed by security officers fall under two categoriesdirect or indirect. Direct duties involve interacting with people on-site, which means the security officer can directly have words with indisciplined employees or strangers trying to create havoc at the place. On the other hand, indirect duties involve monitoring video feeds from cameras so you don’t have to be on-site with people. Security officers monitor for things like vandalism or theft and then alert the authorities if they observe an active incident.

Administering First Aid whenever required

Security officers are responsible for the overall safety of employees and visitors to the premises. This responsibility includes protecting them from unsafe or hazardous situations such as fire or explosions. Security Officers will be called in the first place where there is a need to administer first aid in an emergency situation.

Security roles demand regular vigilance and periodical assessment of the situation. It is a job profile that demands 24*7 alertness & preparedness for any situation. If you are one such personality who really admires this job profile and wants to pursue Security guard training in Brampton,  you can immediately opt for our courses. Call to know more.

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